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Location: Belchin village 
Type: day trips around Sofia; historical landmarks; Bulgaria
Suitable for children: yes

If you are in Sofia and wish to escape the city life for a few hours, go to Tsari Mali Grad and enjoy the centuries-old history of the area. It`s a restored ancient fortress, located on the hill Saint Spas above the village of Belchin, 15 km from the town of Samokov. The distance from Sofia is about 50 km.

Tsari Mali Grad


The entrance fee is 4 Bulgarian Lev (or 2 Euros), including transportation to the fortress in a rail cabin, if you don`t wish to walk, and entrance to an ethnographic museum.

Archaeological researches on the hill show that the construction of the fortress began in the 4th century. Tracing the historical layers has also proven that the earliest habitation of this site began in the second phase of the early Iron Age (VIII-VI century BC). But more about the history of the fortress and the area on which it`s built, you`ll find when you visit.

We recommend a trip to Tsari Mali Grad in the spring or summer – then you will be fully able to enjoy the view from above the hill. Moreover, before or after the walk to the fortress you could go to a swimming pool in Belchin – the village is famous for its mineral springs.

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