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Location: Danube river, near Lom
Type: boat trip; nature landmarks; Danube river; island; Bulgaria
Suitable for children: for older children

Skomen island is among the highest of the 75 Bulgarian Danube islands and relatively easily accessible. Located near the city of Lom, its area is about 1200 acres. And although its official name is Skomen, the locals call it Kovachev – the name of the family whose property it was before the communist regime in Bulgaria.

Skomen island

Skomen island 1

Today the island is owned by the state. It`s one of those places that you won`t find in any tourist guide, though its flora and fauna are unique. Keep in mind: it`s perfect for a day walk, but there are no conditions for a longer stay.

The channel between the island and the shore is actually not very wide – enough to allow wild pigs that inhabit it at daytime, to swim across, when night falls. But don`t try this yourself. If you want to take a walk around the island, you can contact local fishermen for transportation.

And you won`t be disappointed. With its lush greenery it resembles a jungle. On this island endangered and extremely rare plants can still be found – Vardim oak, plain ash tree, black poplar, swamp snowdrop. Disappeared, felled by poachers, suffocated from outlandish bushes “invasion”, they are the last representatives all along the river.

So consider this if you decide to visit the island and be careful not to tear or damage the plants. Just enjoy the peace and gorgeous scenery.

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