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Oatmeal cookies
Oatmeal cookies

Fluffy and with a crunchy core

chestnut muffins
Chestnut muffins

Soft and fragile, fragrant and quite delicious

pumpkin cheesecake
Pumpkin cheesecake

Rich in flavors and exquisite

торта Медовик
Medovik cake

Tasty and spectacular

Coconut muffins with almond filling
Coconut muffins with almond filling

A splendid combination

лятна торта със сироп от бъз
Summer cake with elderflower syrup

Light, extremly delicious and perfectly lovely

Cherry and almond muffins

Delicate and fresh

мъфини с банан и рикота
Banana ricotta muffins

The perfect fluffy muffins with a tasty soft core

elderflower syrup
Elderflower syrup

An easy recipe for a favorite summer drink

Sirniki with cottage cheese and coconut sawdust

Simply irresistible with honey and strawberries

sesame biscuits
Sesame biscuits

Easy, very quick to prepare, healthy and tasty!

Easter muffins

Tasty and easy!

Homemade tiramisu

Quick and easy tasty perfection!

Quick and easy cake with carob, sour cream and maple syrup
Quick and easy carob cake with sour cream and maple syrup

The perfect dessert for the whole family

Lemon and raspberry muffins
Lemon and raspberry muffins

Fluffy, with an irresistible crust and slightly moist on the inside

Maple syrup cookies
Maple syrup cookies

Crispy, sweet and very tasty

Valentines Day chocolate cake e1550438922368
Valentine’s Day chocolate cake

A lovely chocolate taste!

no bake ricotta cheesecake
No bake ricotta cheesecake

Tasty and healthy

Homemade butter biscuits
Homemade butter biscuits

Crispy and delightfully sweet

Raw cake with avocado
Raw cake with avocado, bananas, raspberries and carob powder

A truly beautiful and extremely rich in taste delicious dessert

Quince muffins
Quince muffins

Surprisingly very delicious

Christmas muffins
Christmas muffins

Soft and fabulously delicious

Italian chocolate cake
Italian chocolate cake

Exquisite, tasty and easy

Honey pear muffins

Fluffy and tasty

Homemade bread
Homemade bread

The perfect recipe

Sweet coconut biscuits
Sweet coconut biscuits

Fragrant and delicate

Pumpkin and apples cake
Pumpkin and apple cake

Rich in flavors and aromas and very delicious

Crescent rolls with apples and cinnamon

Perfect when you want to prepare something quick and tasty

Homemade biscuit cake
Homemade biscuit cake

Extremely light, easy and healthy

Simple recipe for plain biscuits
Simple recipe for plain biscuits

Tasty and crunchy

quince and apple cake
Quince and apple cake

It`s incredibly tasty and aromatic

Toddler no bake mini cheesecake muffins 1
Toddler no bake mini cheesecake muffins

Healthy, quick, easy and tasty

Coconut flour and cheese biscuits
Coconut flour and cheese biscuits

They are soft, fluffy and irresistible

Chestnut biscuits
Chestnut biscuits

Heavenly sweet and crispy

Homemade yogurt cake
Homemade yogurt cake

Light, low on calories and fabulously delicious

baby butter biscuits
Toddler butter biscuits

They will appeal to adults as well


These sweet treats are not particularly healthy, given that they are prepared with frying. But they are really delicious.

Baby biscuits with carob powder
Toddler biscuits with carob powder

Theese extremely delicious and aromatic homemade baby biscuits with carob powder are not easily crushed and are perfect for soothing the growing teeth

Carrot grissini
Carrot grissini

If your child is in a period of teething, she or he will definitely love these carrot grissini

baby kinder penguin
Toddler kinder penguin

This yummy dessert turns really perfect!

baby and toddler breakfast ideas
Baby and toddler breakfast ideas

Suitable for children of 9 months and above

Toasts with eggs and cheese
Toasts with eggs and cheese

This absolute breakfast classic would appeal to almost all children

Oat biscuits with cottage cheese
Oat biscuits with ricotta

You can offer them for both morning and afternoon breakfast

How to cook grain porridge
How to cook grain porridge

So you want to know how to cook grain porridge for your baby? You came to the right place

Homemade grain porridge
Homemade grain porridge

Grains are among the first foods that you can offer your baby

muffins with vegetables
Muffins with vegetables

12 muffins are made from this dose so you can also check how good they are

Baby pancakes
Baby pancakes

These baby pancakes will appeal not only to the youngest members of the family but also everyone else

grape jam 2
Grape jam

Surprisingly delicious and perfect for pancakes

Crescent rolls 1
Crescent rolls

A delicious and easy dessert recipe

pasta carbonara
Pasta Carbonara

The perfect recipe

Fudge 2

For all chocolate addicts

fried noodles
Fried noodles

They are easy and they taste amazing

butter biscuits
Butter biscuits

Perfect for any occasion

Cupcake frosting 3
Cupcake frosting

A nice topping to go with any topless cupcake

chocolate muffins
Chocolate muffins

Who doesn’t like chocolate?

Petit fours 1
Petit fours

Simple and easy to make dessert recipe

Gingerbread cookies
Gingerbread cookies

`Tis the season for hot drinks and flavoured desserts so try this tasty recipe.