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Location: Southwestern Bulgaria
Type: road trip; spa; historical landmarks; Bulgaria
Suitable for children: yes

Do you wish to combine a trip to the mountains with a relaxing spa weekend for your next vacation? If so, you should definitely visit Ognyanovo. The village, famous for its thermal mineral water springs, is located in the skirts of Rhodope Mountains, in the valley of Mesta river.


It lays 125 kilometers from Bulgarian capital Sofia and can be reached by car or bus. There are hotels and guest houses in the village, as well as in Garmen and Marchevo, which are very close to Ognyanovo. In fact the three villages are almost merged. But the mineral water springs are all in Ognyanovo.

For our last trip there we chose the Therma Vitae hotel for day spa. The hotel has an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor hot tub and swimming pool. We highly recommend the outdoor hot tub, even in the winter. The water is pleasantly hot and the view – breathtaking. If you are not а guest of the hotel you have to pay 10 Bulgarian lev (5 Euros) entrance fee for two hours.

What else to do and see when in Ognyanovo? There’s plenty…

The Roman town Nicopolis ad Nestum, situated a few kilometers south of the village, is currently being restored. Hopefully soon it will be open for visitors.

In the village of Garmen you will see an impressive and glorious plane tree, which is over 600 years old. The city of Gotse Delchev is near Ognyanovo (12 km) and has a very nice park.


Not far from Ognyanovo are also the villages of Kovachevitsa and Leshten (15 km) with old and beautifully reconstructed houses from the 19th century. Both are worth a visit.

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