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Location: Pirin Mountain
Type: road trip; nature landmarks; hiking; monasteries; Bulgaria
Suitable for children: yes

Be sure – the tiny town of Melnik will enchant you. Famous for its red wine and beautiful restored old houses, this is the smallest town in Bulgaria with population around 400 people.

1 Melnik


Melnik lays in the southwest part of the country, 180 km from the capital, Sofia. You can reach it by bus or car.  Its city status is retained only for cultural reasons  – 96 of its buildings are historical monuments. А trip to the town could be combined with a visit to the city of Sandanski, where you can go for a walk in the nice city park or visit a swimming pool with mineral water.

Rozhen Monastery

Not far is also Rozhen Monastery, built around the 12th century. Located 6 km southeast of Melnik this is the biggest monastery in the Pirin Mountain. If you go for a walk up the hill near the monastery you will reach a place where you will enjoy a magnificent view of the natural sand pyramids, spread around Melnik.


The protected area of Rupite is also nearby, situated at the eastern foot of the extinct volcano Kozhuh Mountain. Rupite is best known as the place where the Bulgarian prophet Vanga lived, but also for its’ healing mineral springs and alluring view.

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