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Before I present this lush recipe I have a confession to make. I definitely dislike fruits in cakes and I`m usually drawn to desserts with chocolate, cocoa and lately with carob powder ever since I began cooking for my daughter. This homemade yogurt cake, however, became my favorite when my mother prepared it for the first time years ago. The crust made of fruits, biscuits and walnuts is both juicy and crunchy, and the yogurt cream gives a pleasant freshness. It does not take much time to prepare and is relatively easy. The result is light, low on calories and fabulously delicious cake.

I slightly changed the original recipe so I can offer it to my daughter. I used homemade butter biscuits instead of store-bought and I replaced the powdered sugar with coconut sugar and added some dates. However, if you wish, you can make it with store-bought butter biscuits and powdered sugar – all the quantities are in the recipe below.

And be warned – this homemade yoghurt cake is simply addictive.

Homemade yogurt cake

Homemade yogurt cake

What you`ll need:

For the crust:

220 g homemade butter biscuits (you can also use store-bought butter biscuits)

1 medium sized quince, grated and squeezed

1 banana, crushed

2 medium sized apples, grated and squeezed

200 g walnuts, ground*

120 g butter, soft

3 tablespoons coconut sugar (or 200 g powdered sugar if you prepare the cake for adults)


For the cream:

500 g strained yogurt

5 tablespoons coconut sugar and 5-6 dates (or 100 g powdered sugar if you prepare the cake for adults)


How to cook it:

Prepare a cake tin with baking paper. I used a 26 cm cake tin.

Grind the biscuits and the walnuts. Transfer to a bowl and add the soft butter, sugar and vanilla. Stir well with a spoon.

Grate the apples and the quince and leave them in a strainer so the liquid can leak out. Add the crushed banana to them and mix. Transfer the fruit mixture to the biscuit mixture and stir with a spoon until everything is mixed well. Spread the fruity crust evenly into the cake tin and smooth with a spoon.

Next, make the cream. If you use coconut sugar and dates, chop the dates with one tablespoon of the strained yogurt. Skip this step if you are going to use powdered sugar.

In a bowl, mix the strained yogurt, vanilla, coconut sugar and ground dates or powdered sugar. Stir well. Spread the cream on top of the crust and smooth with a spoon. Put the cake in the fridge for one night. Enjoy!

*It`s advisable to soak the walnuts in water for at least half an hour, best for about 4 to 6 hours. The reason is that like the grains, the nuts contain phytic acid in their bran which prevents the body from absorbing the beneficial substances in them. You can read more about this topic here.


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