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Location: Stara Planina Mountain
Type: road trip; monasteries; Bulgaria
Suitable for children: yes

Bulgaria is a country with lots of marvelous sights and preserved old buildings, such as the monasteries. One of the most eminent is the Glozhene monastery, located in the mountains near the town of Teteven.

The mountain road that leads to there is very picturesque and slightly frightening – it`s very narrow and gives the illusion that only car can pass at a time, but buses and cars actually pass without problem.

Glozhene monastery

If you decide to travel to this beautiful place you won’t be disappointed. The monastery complex features several buildings, including a cozy restaurant with a breathtaking view.

According to the legend Glozhene monastery was built in the 13th century by the Kiev Prince Glozh with Bulgarian tsar Ivan Asen II’s approval. The tunnels under the monastery were used by Bulgarian revolutionary and national hero Vasil Levski during the battles for Bulgaria’s liberation. Sadly the old monastery church and tunnels were destroyed by earthquakes in the first half of the 20th century. Nevertheless, the spirit of the ages is still preserved here and you will definitely feel it.

If you wish you could stay for the night in the monastery – it offers accommodation in both independent rooms and in common premises. And also, around the monastery there are a lot of nice walking routes, so give it a try and go visit Glozhene monastery

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