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My all-time favorite summer drink is the elderflower syrup. I find the combination of the thick sweet syrup, soda, lemon slice and two or three ice cubes simply irresistible in the summer heat. This year, for the first time, I decided to prepare the syrup at home, following my mother’s recipe. It`s very quick and easy. We picked the elderflowers from the courtyard of our villa in Batuliya. Instead of white sugar, I used a combination of white and brown sugar, and the syrup gained a nice caramel hue and taste. For my little daughter, I made half a dose and I`ve put coconut sugar in it – it also tastes great. I’m going to use her elderflower syrup in the cake cream for her upcoming second birthday in July. And now let’s see how the homemade elderflower syrup is prepared …

Elderflower syrup

elderflower drink

What you`ll need (for one dose):

25 big elderflower heads

1 kg sugar (white, brown or coconut)

1 l water

1 pack food-grade citric acid

How to cook it:

Clean the elderflower heads from dust and insects. Put them in a saucepan and pour the water on top. Press with a plate to keep the elderflowers under water. Leave for 24 hours.

Discard the elderflower heads and strain the water in a large bowl. Add the sugar gradually and stir with a wooden spoon or spatula until the sugar is completely dissolved. Finally, add the citric acid and stir again.

Pour the syrup into a suitable bottle and store in the fridge. Keep in mind that the syrup hasn`t undergone thermal treatment or conservation so you can`t leave it for much time. But it`s so delicious that you`ll probably won`t have this problem.

As I`ve already mentioned, my favorite combination is elderflower syrup with soda. In a water cup, pour two fingers of the syrup (or more or less – depending on how sweet you prefer the drink) and add soda. Arrange with a lemon slice and ice cubes. The soda can be replaced with plain water if you don` like the flavor. Enjoy!

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