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Location: Western Rhodope Mountains
Type: nature landmarks; road trip; Bulgaria
Suitable for children: yes; with a baby carrier for babies and toddlers

Chudnite mostove (or The Marvelous Bridges in English) is a sight that you should enjoy if you ever find yourself in the Rhodope mountains. Located in the valley of the Erkyupriya River in the Western Rhodopes, they are in fact natural arches formed by the erosive activity of the once large river.

The trip

It could be combined with a visit to the cities of Plovdiv and Asenovgrad and if you have more time – the villages of Shiroka Laka and Trigrad. The site could be reached by a narrow road from the village of Zaburdo. You can leave your car at a parking lot and walk down a trail to the bridges.  If you find yourself hungry, there is a restaurant in the beginning of the trail.

Chudnite mostove

Beautiful forest surrounds the area and the walk here is pleasant and peaceful. Nowadays there are only two bridges remaining, possibly duo to earthquakes. The larger one is 15 meters wide and 96 meters in length, passable under its three vaults. The smaller bridge is 60 meters long and 30 meters at its highest point and not accessible by tourists.

The legend

An old legend tells the story of a dragon that once ravaged these lands. The locals found a way to defeat the beast (the story involves the sacrifice of a donkey so we won`t get in details). Anyways the dragon came here to die and its bones turned into the bridges.

Back to reality

There are many caves in the area but unfortunately they are undeveloped and not suitable for tourist visits. There are two huts located nearby however if you wish to stay here longer. Camping is also an option.

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