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Location: Vitosha Mountain
Type: day trips around Sofia; hiking; nature landmarks; Bulgaria
Suitable for children: yes; with a baby carrier for babies and toddlers

If you find yourself in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria, one of the places you should definitely visit is Cherni Vrah (Vitosha mountain). The city is located at the foot of the mountain, so it won’t take you long to reach it. Cherni Vrah is one of the most popular tourist destination, located on Vitosha, and also the highest peak of the mountain. Rising to 2290 m, this is the fourth highest peak in Bulgaria after Musala, Vihren and Botev peak. So read along and then go and see for yourself if you’re nearby!

How to get to Cherni Vrah

If you choose this option you have to reach Dragalevtsi district and get off the taxi/ leave the car in the parking lot near Vodenitsata reastaurant. The lift station is nearby and the ticket to Bacho Kiro station and then to Goli Vrach station in both directions is 7 Bulgarian lev. The whole trip with the lift takes about 30 minutes. From Goli Vrah you have to hike to Cherni Vrah – it will take you about 2 hours to reach your destination if you are not an experience hiker and/ or you take your time to enjoy the scenary.


Catch bus route number 64 from Hladilnika district and then get off at the parking lot near Vodenitsata reastaurant. Catch the lift station to Goli Vrah.


This is the most pleasant option, but not one that we’ll  personaly choose or recommend for the winter season. The route to the top takes time and it’s better to take the lift if you are in the mountain when it’s snowy. You could access Cherni Vrah if you start hiking from various directions – from Aleko hut or the Golden Bridges but that’s a story for another, more summery post.

Cherni Vrah

When you reach the peak you should definitely enjoy a hot cup of tea or some nice hot meal from the cafeteria in the weather station. Keep in mind that the station does not provide accommodation and that you`ll have to catch the lift for Dragalevtsi before 16 p.m. But also take your time to breath deep fresh air and enjoy the beauty of Vitosha mountain.

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