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Recently we`ve stumbled upon a blog post about Bulgaria`s best beaches that recommends Sunny beach and Golden sands as top destinations. And we do not agree.

Don`t get us wrong – if you want to party and drink your whole vacation and don`t mind the crowds on the beach, the ugly hotels and the loud music all day long, these are the places for you. But Bulgaria can still offer a different type of experience despite the “best” intentions of businessmen and contractors, which are turning our coastline into a shiny ghetto. So here is our list of recommendations for the travelers who wish to enjoy the nature, not the all-inclusive.

Bulgaria`s best beaches
Kara dere


This is one of the last remaining wild beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It has no hotels, restaurants, clubs, golf resorts or any other marks of civilization. In fact there is no cell phone reception, tap water or electricity either. The reason? Kara dere is part of the EU’s eco network Natura 2000 for the conservation of wild flora and fauna. Hopefully it will stay that way in the years to come.

The beach is 5 km long and can be reached from the town of Byala or the village of Goritsa via a dirt road that is in an awful condition. Prepare to walk 4 km if your car isn`t suitable for off roads. In the end you`ll be rewarded with a one of a kind view. And did we mention that the sand here is one of the finest and the water clearest?

The government’s decision regarding free camping fluctuates frequently. They can’t decide if camping here should be legal or not, so keep that in mind if you wish to put up a tent. 



Another stunning wild beach, part of eco network Natura 2000. But unlike Kara dere here you will find bungalows for rent and a beach bar.

There are also sunshades and sunbeds in one part of the beach. The view is marvelous, the beach – 3 km long, and you will definitely enjoy your time here.



The village of Sinemorets is located in the very southeast of Bulgaria, close to the border with Turkey. We recommend the beach at the mouth of Veleka river – it`s beautiful and it`s also a protected area.

The other beach in Sinemorets – Butamyata, used to be very nice too but nowadays it`s crowded with people, noises and hotels.



This beach is not far from Sinemorets and like Kara dere and Irakli it`s part of eco network Natura 2000. There are bungalows for rent near the beach and a campsite, a beach bar and sunshades and sunbeds on the sand. The bay of Silistar will surely impress you – the water here is very calm.

Honorable mentions: Smokiniya and Gradina

These beaches used to be camping paradise. Nowadays camping on the sand is forbidden, there are lots of beach bars scattered all over, as well as overpriced sunshades and sunbeds. Nevertheless the view is still pretty nice. They are perfect if you are looking for a place which will offer you opportunities to enjoy the nightlife – the bars are open 24/7. You can rent a bungalow near the beach at Smokiniya or rent a caravan on the sand at Gradina.

First time in Bulgaria?

Then visit the town of Sozopol. It`s located on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast, it has a beautiful old town and it`s not far from the beaches of Gradina and Smokiniya. You can rent a car and drive to Sinemorets and Silistar in the south or to Irakli and Kara dere in the north. Keep in mind that Sozopol is very crowded in August – it`s best to visit the town in June, July or September.


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