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Location: Leskovets
Type: day trips around Sofia
Suitable for children: yes

Where can you go on a sunny autumn weekend that almost feels like summer when in Sofia? If you`ve checked our 15 suggestions for trips around Sofia, you already have some pretty good ideas. Today we`ll share another one – for a trip to the private Alice zoo near Pernik. The place is located in the village of Leskovets, 14 km from Pernik. The entrance fee is 5 lv for adults and 3 lv for children, and the opening hours are from 10am to 6pm (7pm in the summer). You can check their Facebook page here.

Alice zoo near Pernik

We`d heard about this fantastic place where animals walk freely and you can even feed them from friends. We finally decided to visit it on a warm sunday in October. A week later, our little daughter is still talking about the zoo about the hens, geese and rabbits that seemed to impress her most, and asks if we would go there again. It was a truly amazing experience for her.


The zoo is actually set up near the house and in the yard of the people who created and maintain it. At the entrance, a kind lady told us that they`ve been taking care of the animals for over 2 years, and since June (2019) they are open for visitors. Their yard is really spacious. It`s divided into two: one part houses recreation areas – wooden benches and tables, a children’s playground with a slide, swings and a sandpit. The other part, separated by a mesh fence, is dedicated to the unusual pets of the family from Leskovets.

The animals

What kind of animals are you going to meet there? Let’s start with the birds – many different species of birds stroll around the yard, including common hens, geese, ducks, pheasants and emus. A family of black swans swims in a small pool еspecially built for them.


Here you will also see black crowned cranes, which, however, are separated from the other animals (as well as from humans) in their own space.

alice zoo

This is how the homes of the two raccoons and the incredibly sweet coatis are also arranged. The Mouflons, fallow deers and a pair of kangaroos, including a kangaroo albino, are also behind a mesh fence.

alice zoo

The exotic alpacas, however – Moomi, Pumi, Balu and Doris, are walking freely around. They are used to people and are extremely friendly. You can even pet them – their fur is like a thick woolen cloth. You`ll also be able to pet different kinds of rabbits.

alice zoo

We hadn`t seen the mini goats until we accidentally came across them hidden from the people in the bushes near a tree. Apparently the large crowds don`t appeal to them, and that day there were many people around.

Final words

If you’re wondering where to go for a couple of hours next weekend, we highly recommend visiting Alice Zoo near Pernik. Believe us: children will truly be impressed and delighted with the experience. If you don`t have any yet, you`ll enjoy it just as much.

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