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You may (or may not) be surprised to hear that Pan is so much more than a domestic cooking vessel. So let`s see what Pan really means…

Definition of Pan

– The origin of the word is Greek and it`s a combining form meaning “all; every; whole; all-inclusive”.

– In Greek mythology Pan is the son of Hermes and god of flocks, pastures, fields, and forests.

– In astronomy Pan is a moon of Saturn and a crater on Jupiter’s moon Amalthea.

– Pan is also a programming language for describing server configurations.

– The acronym PAN can refer to a type of computer network.

– It could mean a shallow depression holding a salt lake.

– You may have heard of Mount Pan, located in Ji County, Tianjin, China.

– Or the North Indian term for Betel, often mixed with tobacco and lime for chewing as a freshener.

– Pan is also used as an honorific tittle in Poland and Ukraine.

There are many more meanings that Pan can refer to. But to sum it all – Pan is everything and all – from the depths of the earth to the highest mountains and beyond; creative, imaginative, refreshing and innovative. And that`s what we hope you will find in this blog – glad you are here and hope you will enjoy it!