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You have a couple of days in Sofia and have already toured around Alexander Nevsky and the other major sightseeing? So you may want to read our 15 ideas for trips around Sofia and check what`s happening outside the capital of Bulgaria. There are many places not far from the city where you can enjoy the nature and also visit some interesting landmarks.

If you book a trip through a travel agency, they`d probably offer you to go to Plovdiv, Rila monastery or Korpivshtiza. Don`t get me wrong – these places are definitely worth seeing. But here we`ll offer you 15 ideas for trips around Sofia, off the beaten track for most tourists.

You can rent a car or use public transport and experience the real life (it doesn`t get any more real than the one that you`ll experience in a bus or in a taxi in our country). So here are our

15 ideas for trips around Sofia

1. Vitosha mountain

Distance: Sofia is located at the foot of the mountain, so it won’t take you long to reach it.

The highest peak is Cherni vrah. Check our blog post for more information.

2. Lozen village, mountain and monastery

Distance from Sofia: 18 km

You can hike in the mountain above Lozen and also visit the monastery, located there. The terrain is not steep and perfect for a nice walk in the nature.


3. Maliovitsa peak

Distance from Sofia:  87 km

Maliovitsa is a peak in the northwestern part of Rila mountain, rising to 2729 m. The view from above is magnificent. You can also drink something hot or eat some soup in hut Maliovitsa. Pack some clothes even in summer – the weather in the mountain changes very fast.


4. Pancherevo dam

Distance from Sofia: 15 km

Lately it`s very popular, especially in the weekends, but you can still find a place to rest and enjoy the view.


5. Iskar gorge

Distance from Sofia: 20 km

There are many places around the gorge that will enchant you and provide the perfect getaway from the city for a day. Here you can read about the village of Batulia or you can check the rocks of Lakatnik.


6. Jeleznica

Distance from Sofia: 26 km

The meadow above the village is a little bit crowded in the weekend but it`s nice if you visit during the week. You can even put a tent and stay for the night to count the stars.


7. Pasarel

Distance from Sofia: 28 km

There are several meadows around the village of Pasarel where you can have a barbeque and spend the day.

Pasarel 2

8. Iskar dam

Distance from Sofia: 58 km

The dam is known as the sea of Sofia. If you are into fishing, you can explore your hobby there or if not – you can just relax and sunbath.

Iskar dam

9. Geopark Iskar panega

Distance from Sofia: 109 km

This is a favorite place. Check our post here.


10. The Tsari mali grad fortress

Distance from Sofia: 55 km

We have a blog post about the fortress. Read more here.

Cari mali grad

11. Giginski monastery Saints Cozma and Damian

Distance from Sofia: 60 km

It`s a nice place for a day walk. You can also check the old church in the village of Banitshte, which is not far. Learn more in our post here.

Giginski monastery

12. The old church above Pchelina dam

Distance from Sofia: 62 km

The view from the old church on the hill above the dam is most definitely worth visiting. Learn more in our post here.


13. Razboishte monastery

Distance from Sofia: 68 km

The monastery was built around the 18th century, into the rocks above the Nishava river in the most western part of the country. Read more in our post here.


14. Archeological park Topolnitsa in Chavdar village

Distance from Sofia: 72 km

An early Neolithic settlement was located here dating back to 7000 years ago. The buildings from the archeological park are reconstructed according to the found remnants.


15. Zemen monastery St. John the Theologian

Distance from Sofia: 80 km

Zemen monastery is very well maintained and with authentic architecture. Check our post for more information.


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